Do you have a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle ride that you’ve always wanted to take? Or maybe more than one? We do! Bucket List Motorcycle Tours was born through our (Kevin and Jeff) shared love of great motorcycle trips and conversations about future travel ideas. Bucket List Motorcycle Tours is a place to make your dream trips a reality. Not only do we choose our ideal locations to ride in, but we also do surveys on our U.S. and European Meetup sites so that all club members can have a say in choosing our future destinations.

Don’t be afraid to share ideas with the club, however crazy they may be. Kevin dreams of taking part in the tuk-tuk race across India, a truly unique adventure. We are open to all suggestions and can’t wait to add more locations to our Bucket List! In the meantime, check out our partners and discounts, and send us your ideas through our contact us page or via the Meetup site.

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