Our phones are indispensable for travel whether we are on a plane, in a car, or on our bikes. If you’re like me, you may have experimented with a few phone holders over the years with varying levels of success.

TackForm makes the best phone mount I have ever used. I own two of them. They’re perfect. Fits any phone and is super secure, even with heavy vibration (I’m talking to you my Harley Riding friends).

They have a permanently mounted version and quick mounting version that is ideal for riders who travel, rent, and ride – like us.
Easy on, easy off, and always secure. Check ’em out. Generous discounts for our club and riders too!

Black permanent Tackform motorcycle mount
Black temporary Tackform motorcycle mount

In-helmet communication systems have revolutionized touring and made everyday riding even that much better. I am on my second set of Sena’s now. I still have my first set too. We started with the 10S and moved up to the 30K when we bought new helmets.

The phone app that comes with them makes it super easy to link up multiple riders so that even in a large group we can all stay connected. Sometimes, our passengers even switch channels to be able to chat on their own while the riders “talk and ride” our adventures!

Play music, hear turn-by-turn navigation directions, take phone calls, or chat with your riding buddies or passengers. Sena communicators are outstanding. Check ’em out and enjoy the significant discounts available to you FREE as members of the Bucket List Motorcycle Tour Club!

Riders-Share is the fastest growing bike rental company in the US, and it works like AirBnB or Turo for car rentals. Owners rent their bikes to make some cash; Renters are fully insured and certified by Riders-Share; everyone wins!

I have been doing this for a few years now (made over $1500 so far). I figured – I’ve got more than one bike but only one butt, so why not make some passive income to pay for my annual maintenance, registration, and even my insurance.

I have not rented a Riders-Share bike, but plan to, for sure. I know the process is simple, and it’s reasonably priced, too. So check ’em out. Speaking of Win/Win: The Bucket List Motorcycle Tour Club is FREE to join and even helps you MAKE money!

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