Who Are We?

Kevin O’Neill

I have been on two wheels almost since I could walk and riding motorcycles for over 35 years. I have owned and loved all kinds of motorcycles and currently have a Honda Goldwing, a Kawasaki Versys 1000, and a Triumph Bonneville T120. Three very different bikes, each with their own special charms. I love twisty-road riding, slowpoke tooling, and highway churning – in fact, every kind of riding is my favorite!

At this point in my career, having retired from the Army and the Biotech industry, I’m focused on all things motorcycle. I am a certified motorcycle safety program instructor and have previously taught hundreds of students for the State of Pennsylvania through the Motorcycle Safety Program. I also conduct private lessons, typically for new riders who have taken the course but want additional, and often on-the-road coaching.  

I’m married with two children. My wife Erin is also a motorcycle enthusiast, as both a passenger and fellow traveler. We have toured all over the U.S. on our Goldwing, a Honda ST 1100 that now has a new loving home, and a few rented Harleys as well. 

Jeff Book

I live near Frankfurt, Germany and have lived, worked, and traveled in Germany and the rest of Europe for more than 20 years. Kevin and I have been friends since college and our years together in the Army. We went to the Army’s Airborne School (parachuting) together and were both stationed in Germany after college. Kevin and I have traveled together on motorcycles to some great destinations in Europe and the U.S. over the years and this terrific experience inspired us to create a club of riders and friends, like us, to visit new destinations together.

We hope the club members from all over the U.S. and Europe join us on these upcoming adventures and we look forward to riding with you!


Kevin and Jeff in the Alps with the mountains behind

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